Freelance Writing – the beginning!

Oh dear.  I had good intentions of regularly blogging, getting my writing ‘out there’ but that hasn’t really happened…yet.

You see, although I haven’t blogged, tweeted about my writing, or written very much of anything at all recently, I have been doing some background work which I hope will help me get where I want to be.

A couple of months ago I made the decision to register myself as a self-employed, part-time freelance writer, I hope his will eventually emerge in to a full-time profession.  Sadly I have quite a way to go before I can stop being a full-time administrator but it’s a challenge and I love a good challenge. My ambition to become a writer has been with me for a very long time, but over the last couple of years have I really begun to take it seriously.

This year a mixture of things have influenced me to work towards what I really want.  My friend Sue Flay – you will have read about her Tea Parties in my first post on this blog – has been an inspiration through her hard work and creativity.  Also, the threat of redundancy loomed over my full-time job, it forces you to think seriously about what you need/would like to do next. In my case I thought seriously about what I could do in the present to help myself in the future.  So, whilst updating my day job CV and looking around for other jobs I also decided that I would like my future to be in writing.

Around this time I decided to set up a new twitter account.  I already had one but I decided I also needed a ‘professional’ writing profile too (look for @writergirl2011 and say Hello!).  Within a week of setting up that profile I found some ad hoc freelance writing work through Twitter, thanks to a recommendation from the aforementioned Sue!  Twitter works!

Each time I have been given a freelance writing project to complete I have found it really exciting, being asked to write something and having a deadline to do it in is definitely something I want to do more of.

My bookshelf now has a selection of books about getting started as a freelance writer, I have taken useful pointers from all of them.  The one I am using as my ‘bible’ is a book by Catherine Quinn called ‘No Contacts No Problem’ .  Although there are a few things I am dubious about I love how it tries to get the reader to think like a business person from the beginning even if they are completely new to the world of freelance writing and I find this very helpful.

So, over the last month or so I have spent a lot of my spare time putting her advice in to action, mainly researching the (vast!) magazine market, I have found this part quite frustrating partly because I am not a naturally patient person and just want to get on with the writing!  I know the magazine reasearch needs to be done so I am persevering which is new to me as in the past I have normally given up, perseverance is a new skill I am training myself in!

Magazines are also expensive creatures so I have to be adapted her advice to my own situation.   I now have a few magazines I am going to pitch to and looking forward to seeing what happens.  I know it’s going to take a while but I am determined to get where I want to be.  I will be regularly updating this blog on my progress, so watch this space!

If anyone reading this has their own tips or advice on freelance writing it would be good to hear them.


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4 Responses to Freelance Writing – the beginning!

  1. Hi there. Loved this post as I am also at the beginning of the same journey – although my writing is mainly combined with studying rather than a full-time job. I have found lots of ideas and inspiration through Twitter and am currently researching outlets, forums and societies that will help with connections. Good luck and keep in touch!

  2. mariawrit3r says:

    Hi Claire,
    Thank you for your message 🙂
    It would definitely be good to keep in touch.
    Good luck to you too!

  3. sunnadis says:

    Ooh, how interesting! I’m a freelance writer myself, but I guess the contact bit is much easier here in Iceland. It’s an everybody-knows-everybody game over here – quite easy to get those first important breaks. Good luck with everything!

  4. mariawriter says:

    Hello 🙂
    Thank you for your comment and good wishes.
    Might have to move to Iceland then, hehe.

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