Watercolour painting

Dear Reader, not only have I made the decision to work towards freelance writing as my career, but I also have also found myself a new hobby!

I recently spotted an advert in my local shop about a beginners watercolour class, with the added bonus that it would be held in my village.  No staying in Cambridge after work and I would be able to walk home afterwards rather than rely on public transport or very expensive taxis.

Having never even tried watercolour painting before I was very excited to be learning something new and looking forward to exploring my creative side in a different way to writing.  Also, I enjoy drawing (I’m not brilliant but I can make things look like they should quite well, which is a start!) so I thought it would be nice to be able to practice drawing and add a bit of colour too.

I was quite nervous at my first lesson and I think it shows in my first picture, my second picture definitely shows I felt more confident at my second lesson.  I really do need to practice painting trees though!


Our next lesson is on painting things with a reflection. Our homework is to find a picture we like with a reflection in it.

I have my own watercolour materials (paints etc) which I bought with my recent birthday money, the materials are quite expensive so I am glad I had some birthday money to use!

Last year I randomly bought some books about to how to start watercolour painting, up until last week they had been neglected!

Will post more of my paintings as I do them to show (I hope!) my progress.


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