Watercolour: Reflections

Here is a little update on my forray in to learning about watercolour, which I am really enjoying.  I love learning new things and learning about painting is so interesting!  I feel like I have learnt quite a lot already.  Next time I stare at a painting in an art gallery I will appreciate it and understand it much more.

Last week we started working on a water reflection project.  I chose the picture below as the one I wanted to paint, I have realised since that it might be quite complicated but I do enjoy a challenge so I’m going to stick with it!

Newcastle Quayside...Taken by my Mum!

This is the section of it I am going to attempt to paint…

Framed section I am going to paint

I have just started to draw part of my picture…homework!  It’s a long time since I’ve had homework but this is definitely my favourite kind!  Although, as with writing, I have discovered the perfectionist in me has surfaced so my eraser has been very busy!  Also, I haven’t actually drawn that much yet as I was determined to make it look right, even though we only need to have a rough outline before we start painting!

This is my drawing so far.  It’s not a very good photo of it but it will do for this blog.

My painting - the beginning!

I am planning to paint it for my mum for Christmas, so shhhh! My picture looks very odd in this photo, haha!  It was taken at a strange angle as the light and my shadow were causing problems!

One way of drawing the picture you want to paint when you first start is separating your photo in to sections.  I started doing this but trying to fit each bit in to a specific section frustrated me very much!  I’d much rather do it as I see it without the help of lines and sections.  It’s easier on the eyes too!  The perspective is probably going to be completely wrong but I’d still rather do it without them.

I think part of our lesson tomorrow evening will be about painting wet paint on to dry paint to get the effect of a reflection.

Will add some more posts as my painting progresses.


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