Millenium Bridge, Newcastle – My view in words and watercolour

My watercolour version of a photo by my mum!

I have decided that it would be a fun idea to combine my new watercolour hobby and my writing in this blog.  So, whatever I paint I will add a post and write something about the painting.  It could be a history of the subject of the painting, why I chose to paint a certain picture, or whatever the painting brings to mind.  It could be anything really, I’m looking forward to combining both my interests and see where it takes me.

This painting isn’t exactly the same as the photo/real view.  Most of it is the same, but I’ve used, erm, artistic licence to put bushes in some places where there aren’t as I’m ashamed to say it was easier!  Maybe I shouldn’t admit that, but hey, I’ve only just started this painting lark (excuses excuses!)

Anyway, so the subject of the painting is the Millenium Bridge which links Newcastle Quayside to Gateshead Quays.   The painting is from a picture my mum took from the Newcastle side.

I lived in Newcastle for a couple of years and the Quayside was one of my favourite places to go, it has a really nice atmosphere and is lovely on a sunny day.  I’m a big fan of spending time by water (especially rivers and sea fronts!) not sure why, I think it has something to do with how relaxing water can be and, well, blue is my favourite colour!

The Millenium bridge, as the name suggests, was opened in 2000.  If you stand facing almost towards the city centre you get a great view of the five other bridges along that stretch of the Tyne. Bridges may not be that interesting (although I actually think they are!) but they are always an impressive sight.  The view of the other bridges, from its newest neighbour, certainly are.

At certain times the bridge opens for the boats, such as sightseeing tours, it’s an impressive sight which, fact fans, takes four and a half minutes for each opening and closing.  Cleverly it’s ability to open and close also makes it rubbish friendly!  Any rubbish that happens to be on the bridge as it opens rolls in to traps at each end of the bridge.

The millennium bridge section of the quayside is my favourite part.  It also includes The Baltic (Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art) which sits in Baltic Square on the Gateshead side (it is the brown building in my painting).  The building began life as a flour mill and has been on the site since 1950.  It closed in 1982 after thirty years, but the mill part of the building was not opened to the public as an art centre until 2001.

I am a fan of modern art and converted old buildings so I loved spending time browsing around the floors in the Baltic.  I recently visited my friend Lee and made sure I spent time there.  It has a really good shop too!

The quayside is the oldest part of Newcastle and acted as its commercial centre. There is a lot more history attached to the quayside than I have posted here.  If you would like to read more have a look at the links below.


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