My favourite time of the year

The clocks went back an hour last night, we get an hour extra in bed. Someone should explain this to my body clock which doesn’t do
change very well.

British Summer time has officially ended for this year, not that we really even notice it when it’s here, apart from the odd few days here and there! late October and November/December are definitely my favourite months.

The leaves on some of the trees at the moment are a gorgeous mix of red and brown and the fallen leaves make a lovely crackley sound when you
walk through them. Yes, I am one of those annoying people who would rather walk though a pile of leaves on the floor than detour around them just because I love the sound they make!

The budding watercolourist in me is permanently taking photos at the moment as the colours, the sunrise and the weather are all making perfect
photo/watercolour opportunities. One early foggy morning last week, when I was waiting for my bus, I noticed a line of trees covered in fog. The fog had covered up the branches, leaving just their trunks. They looked quite strange and ghostly, by the time I had decided to take a photo my bus turned up. I have mental image of them and hope I can use it to paint some sort of picture.

In contrast most mornings last week were lit up by really colourful sunrises. The sun itself looked like a huge bright orange ball and it
made the sky look amazing. I did manage to get a few photos from where I was standing but the best view of the sky, and the sun itself, were when I was on my bus so I wasn’t able to get the pictures I wanted. The photos I did take whilst waiting for my bus don’t do the colour justice but I will attach a couple to this post.

A view of the sky from my bus stop

Winter is also my favourite season, I love snow!  As I mentioned earlier I get very cold very easily so I am not sure why snow makes me happy!  I love it though, so I can’t wait for the white stuff, it makes everything look so lovely.  We don’t actually get very much in the Cambridge area and I tend to suffer from snow envy in the winter!  However, the past two years have been extremely cold and the snow has hung around for at least a week at times.  That hasn’t been much fun, I’ll admit that, especially when trying to walk on ice that won’t go away!

I love the atmosphere that surrounds this time of year.  I’m not sure what it is but as soon as the clocks go back I can feel the atmosphere change.  The evenings are darker earlier which I actually don’t mind because I am a fan of the dark, it has its own atmosphere which I find quite exciting. Although I will admit that dark mornings may not be quite so nice, it’s harder to get up!

The main thing about this time though is that the run up to Christmas begins!  December is my favourite month, I love the excitement and atmosphere of it.  I prefer the build up to Christmas to the day itself, although I don’t mind the big day either!

Another view of the sky at sunrise from my bus stop

Ok, so it is a bit early to be talking Christmas but I noticed that one of the big shops in Cambridge now has a big Christmas window display which looked lovely.  I love Christmas lights and looking out for new ones appearing all the way up to Christmas is a great game to play on a boring bus journey to and from work!  I especially love blue lights and blue Christmas trees (guess what my favourite colour is!).  I am looking for a blue tree for my flat! Ok, I will stop talking about Christmas, I’m sure I will be posting about it again soon!

I would love to know what your favourite time of year is and why so please feel free to comment.


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4 Responses to My favourite time of the year

  1. Jo says:

    Sat watching the spectical of autumnal confetti blow from the trees whilst reading your last entry. Oh how I missed the seasons when I lived away from the UK.

  2. We turn our clocks back tonight. I am definitely not a morning person, so I love the extra hour of sleep!

  3. I love the crunchy leaves. I’ll go out of my way to step on them.

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