Postcard from a stranger

A photo made in to a postcard from the USA

This week I have read several posts about postcards, as a postcard collector myself I have been inspired to write my own.  Through reading said posts I have also discovered that there is a word for me.  I am a Deltiologist!

Postcards are, apparently, one of the top three collectable items behind only coin and stamp collecting.  I have been collecting postcards for as long as I can remember and have a very large box of them to show for it.

I have never really thought about why I collect them and why I get excited about them (ok, so I am a geek!, I admit it!)I have plenty of postcards which show the place they are from, thirty (yes thirty!) are from a trip to Malta!  I also own a sizeable amount of postcards showing maps of places. However, I think my favourites are the ones that aren’t about a place, they are about other subjects and the actual picture.

My collection is not as big as it could have been as I stopped buying them for a while, didn’t really have room for more!, although I was very happy to add the postcards sent to me from family and friends.

Then one day I discovered a project called Postcrossing, which has been in existence since 2005 and was started by a man in Portugal.  If you have not heard of postcrossing it is a fantastic way of sending and receiving postcards between random strangers all over the world.  I love this idea and it is very exciting when you receive a postcard from someone you don’t know thousands of miles away.

I think this may be a hangover from my penpalling days when, at one point, I had one hundred pen pals (phew!) and received at least one letter a day!  Friendly post from people in a completely different country/culture is brilliant.  When I retired from pen palling (I may have burnt myself out!) I missed receiving post from afar, it could be said that postcrossing postcards are their replacement!

To start this exciting exchange (well, I think it is!) you need to register yourself on the site.  Once you are registered you can request up to a maximum of five addresses at a time.  Put simply, when you start sending them you will also start to receive them, recipients register the postcard they have received which triggers on the site that you can send more.I have been doing this one and off for a few years.If you would like to find out more about postcrossing here is the link

Here is the link to another postcrossing blogger I have just found

The postcrossing project does advise that you shouldn’t request a certain type of postcard you would like to receive as it is up to the sender to decide.  However, my profile says that I would like to receive a postcard that says something about them as a person.  It could be a postcard from where they live or something related to a hobby or favourite thing/person/sport/interest etc.

I have included a few pictures of my favourite postcrossing postcards in this post.If you would like to know more about the history of postcards follow this link

And a link to another postcard fan’s  blog


a postcard from Shanghai

A postcard from Toronto

A postcard from the Netherlands

Another postcard from the USA


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