November – Stir Up Sunday

Just a short post this month…I will be making up for it in December, haha!

Have you thought about making your own Christmas Pudding?  Fancy having a go this year?  Gather all those ingredients together now as the day for making them is nearly upon us.

Traditionally Christmas puddings are made a month before Christmas so that the flavours have time to develop.  These days many people opt for shop bought puddings, but before puddings were freely and easily available in shops they were usually home-made.

The day the puddings were made became known as Stir Up Sunday, signalling the start of festivities.  It became a family event where it was customary for families to be involved in the stirring, in the direction of East to West, once they had returned from church services.  The name Stir Up relates to the first line of  a prayer, from the Book of Common Prayer, given at the service.

Whilst stirring three wishes would be made, this is thought to have been one for each of the Wise Men.  A coin would also be added, legend has it the finder of the coin could expect good wealth.

I found this very interesting post about the history of the pudding…

And here is a recipe…

Good Luck with your puddings!  If you make one I would love to hear about it!


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