I’ll have the Cheesecake please

I am currently experiencing my regular craving for Cheesecake.  I have none, I have no way of getting some either.  Not on a Saturday night anyway.  So, I thought I would research it instead, and then tell my readers all about it.  It may not stop my craving but at least I won’t put on any weight.

My cheesecake addiction is such that it is always the first thing I search for on a menu when I go out for a meal!  The menu is a let down if there is no cheesecake.  Ok, so that might be a bit dramatic but I do feel disappointed. Really.

So, where did Cheesecake begin?  Who was the genius that decided that something made with cheese would make a lovely dessert? And how is National Cheesecake Day celebrated in America (it’s on July 30th in 2012 in case you were wondering)

The Ancient Greeks are thought to be the inventors of Cheesecake, they even served it to athletes competing in the first Olympic games apparently.  It was thought to be good for their energy levels.  Lucky them!  Ancient Greek wedding cakes were also made from Cheesecake.  Now there’s a great idea!

Anthropologists excavating sites around the area found moulds dating as far back as 2000 BC.  However, cheese products go back further than that so it is possible some form of Cheesecake has been around much much longer than that.

In those days Cheesecakes were baked, with very simple ingredients consisting of flour, wheat, honey and cheese.  The oldest known recipe, from 230 AD, belongs to a writer called Athaneus.

Once the Romans had conquered the Greeks they took the Cheesecake away with them.  As their empire expanded so did the Cheesecake recipe which they set about modifying, whilst their waistlines expanded too, probably!  The Romans then brought the dessert over to the Europeans, Brits and Eastern Europe.  So we have those nice Romans to thank.

However, Cheesecake did not become the desert we recognise until the 18c.  Europeans emigrating to America took their Cheesecake recipes with them, the Americans then added cream cheese to evolving recipes.

Modern Cheesecake recipes vary from country to country and remains a favourite dessert around the world.  Especially with me.

As I mentioned there is indeed a National Cheesecake Day, which I believe is mainly celebrated in America.  One website I have found about the day states that ‘The only requirement is the hearty consumption of cheesecake’  Sounds good to me.  Where can I join in?

Here are some links to recipes.  Thank you to one of my twitter followers for tweeting the first link to me!


The next link makes me want to eat my screen!


More recipes…



I would love to know about your favourite cheesecake too.


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4 Responses to I’ll have the Cheesecake please

  1. anorwen says:

    I never tried to make a cheesecake myself, but these recipes look really straightforward and appleaing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. mariawriter says:

    Thanks for your comment 🙂 I have never tried either but I think it is abut time I did. My mum makes very tasty cheesecakes so I might get some help with my first one, hehe

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