February – Pancakes

Wow, time goes so quickly doesn’t it?!  January kind of passed in a blur it seems, it was gone before I had even thought about a January traditions post!

So, I’m not going to write about January, apart from wondering if any of my readers made any resolutions for the new year?  If you did, how are you doing with them? Mine was just to try to use my spare time a little better to write more than I have done and to work harder to get where I want to be.  I have got off to a slow start (for reasons mentioned in previous post) but I am determined to put that right 🙂

A belated Good Luck with your goals for this year!

February then…(just a short post this time)


Why is it traditional to stuff ourselves with pancakes on Shrove Tuesday (after making disastrous attempt to flip the eggy ingredients in a pan) and why did people start racing with them?!

Shrove Tuesday is commonly known these days as pancake day but is actually rooted in religious belief, being the eve of Lent.  ‘Shrove’ originates from ‘Shrive’ which is an old Christian ritual where sins are confessed and absolution is given.

Where do pancakes fit in to this?  Traditionally Shrove Tuesday would be celebrated with a feast, all the foods that would be given up for Lent would be eaten instead of wasted, including the ingredients used for pancakes.

The pancake race is thought to have originated in 1445.  Apparently a woman was so busy making pancakes before church that she lost track of the time.  Upon hearing the church bells calling people to confession she panicked and ran all the way to the church still wearing her apron and clutching the pan with the pancake mixture!!  I love this!

If you would like to enter a pancake race, how about this race in Olney, which is one of the most famous.

Here are some interesting and yummy sounding pancake recipes I have found…




What are your favourite pancake fillings?  Have you ever taken part in a race?


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5 Responses to February – Pancakes

  1. I love that story of the lady, too! Thanks for enlightening me:) I had no clue about pancakes being eaten Shrove Tuesday or very much about Shrove at all.

  2. Julie Mallinson says:

    I normally do a pancake party with my children and their friends! We have loads of fillings and I normally end up cooking forty pancakes or so!!

    My personal favourite filling/topping is Maple syrup, with Ben and Gerry’s Vanilla ice-cream (so indulgent)!! So what is your favourite??

    Jules 😀

  3. My children will only eat chocolate chip pancakes. I blame my mother, who introduced them to what is essentially a fried cookie.

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