Adventures in Northern Ireland, Part 3 – Larne


The second half of my holiday was spent in the beautiful coastal town of Larne, known as the ‘Gateway to the Glens’.  The pic above is one of my favourite pics I took there, I plan on trying to paint it!

Larne, which is an hour by train from Belfast, is a port/harbour town with regular passenger ferry services to Troon and Cairnryan.  It is also home to freight and haulage businesses.

I enjoyed a three night stay in the Curran Court Hotel in Larne Harbour, which is situated around ten minutes walk from the railway/ferry terminal.  The hotel is lovely with very friendly/helpful staff and very tasty food!  I mainly ordered starters from the menu each time I ate there, they turned out to be almost as large as a main course. I wasn’t entirely sure if this was because I had only ordered a starter or they really are that size!  It is situated in a business park, which also includes a cinema, a huge Asda and several places to eat.

My room was a very comfortable en suite (amazing power shower!) with a sea view which made me very happy indeed 🙂 Below is a pic I took from my window.  As you can see the weather was great, so much nicer than I had left at home in England.  I was very lucky with the weather as it was really nice for my whole trip, which is surprising for Irish weather!

View from my hotel window

On my first evening I had a little wander around the town itself and then down to the seafront.  There is a harbour heritage trail you can follow, which I didn’t do but I did see some of the landmarks on the trail whilst I was wandering around.  The heritage trail leaflet advises it is best to start at Larne Museum and end at its tourist information centre.  Some of my pics are below, they include some of the heritage trail landmarks.

The museum is open Monday –  Saturday, unfortunately I didn’t get chance to visit as I was busy somewhere else on the Saturday (more on that later) and went back to Belfast on the Monday.

The first picture below is Chaine Tower, which was built in 1888 to commemorate MP and progressive entrepreneur James Chaine. Larne was able to become a successful port thanks to his vision and financial resources.  This picture was taken a bit too far away, I should have taken one closer up.

One of the mot fascinating landmarks on the trail is the remains of what is known as Olderfleet Castle, although it is thought they are actually the remains of Curran Castle.  Only part of one side of the castle exists, and a which seems to be attached to the council houses next to it.  It is very odd, yet fascinating at the same time!


The coastal road behind my hotel (the view from my hotel room) thankfully comes with a path to walk along, so on my last evening in Larne I took a stroll along it in the warm sunshine, it was a beautiful evening and I could have stayed in one spot staring out over the water all night! I took far too many photos, some of which are below!


On the Saturday I visited Glenarm and the Dalriada Festival…this is my next post!


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