101 Challenges

Lists…not the most exciting subject for a blog post but I thought I would tell you about the list of challenges I have recently set myself.

I am the sort of person who loves challenges and deadlines, so what better way to mix the two than by taking part in the Day Zero Project. You can read my list on another page in this blog.

It’s not the first time I have set myself 101 challenges to achieve, I tried this a few years ago.   I only managed to tick off about a quarter of the things on my list last time, partly because some of the things on the list weren’t really achievable and partly because I concentrated on the writing challenges.

When I was considering doing more challenges I thought about doing a ‘bucket list’ this time, but I like the 1001 days deadline of the Day Zero Project.  I am a contradiction in that I am prone to procrastination until I finally get my teeth in to something, then the impatient part of me takes over and I want to get something done now rather than later!  A bucket list would either never get done or I’d start it and want to do everything straight away, so a deadline of 1001 days is perfect for me!

I feel the challenges are achievable this time (although a few may turn out to be a bit tricky!) and will involve writing in some way. I plan to write about my experiences as I go along, including how I achieved them, things I discover whilst doing them, where the challenges take me, what they lead to, that kind of thing.

It’s an experiment aswell as a challenge I suppose.  I’m looking forward to the unexpected.  Many of the challenges I tick off will probably appear here as blog posts, so watch this space 🙂  I hope to turn my experience in to a book at the end (it’s on the list!), which will be a fun thing to achieve!

Another challenge that appears on my list is The Curiosity Project Box Swap, which appealed to me very much.  I registered to take part a few weeks ago, I received the name and address of the mystery person I will be sending a box to this week, very exciting! I will be collecting lovely things to put in the box over the next weeks.  I really can’t wait to see what is in the box I receive from my mystery sender.  Check out the website, it’s full of creative ideas, I love it! Make sure you have a look at the lovely photos from last years box swap, maybe you could join in next year!

I would love to hear about your experiences with these kind of lists, or maybe you are the kind of person who writes lists for anything and everything.  Why do you like to write lists? Or perhaps there’s a way you can can help me achieve something on my list, which would be amazing!

Here’s a history of ‘to do’ lists I just came across, which is quite interesting!


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