Walking with Alpacas – Butlers Farm


Hello, hope you are all well?

I have been busy writing a few more articles for Local Secrets, which is great! I have added them to my articles page on here and my website, do have a look 🙂

The subject of this post is my new favourite animal – the Alpaca!  Look at the picture above, how can you not love them?

A few months ago one of my team mates from work saw a ‘Groupon’ deal for an Alpaca Experience’, we decided it was something we really had to do.

So last Sunday we made our way to Butlers Alpaca Farm in Ongar, Essex, and spent a fun couple of hours with a group of other voucher holders watching/learning about them and taking them for a relaxing, slightly chilly, stroll around some fields.


Me and Buster the Alpaca

That is me making friends with Buster! He was lovely, but a little intimidating at first.  When Sarah and I first started walking with him he felt like a coiled spring, I could visualise myself desperately holding on to him whilst he cantered (if that’s what Alpaca’s do!) in to the distance!  He calmed down a little when he got to the front of the pack apart from being spooked by something in the distance, he had good eye sight!

Alpaca’s enjoy being stroked, petted and hugged although Buster didn’t seem to like it much to start with.  However once we had all stopped in some very long grass, so the Alpacas could have lunch, he was much happier and relaxed.  I think he also began to trust us and was more than happy to be fussed over.  Alpacas have really warm bodies, which was very welcome on such a cold day!

Here are some more pictures, such lovely faces!

alpacas    alpacagroup   2alpacas   somealpacas

Alpacas originate from West Central South America and are closely related to Llamas.  Thankfully they don’t spit like Llamas, if they do it’s usually at each other!  You can find out more about Alpacas on the British Alpaca Society website.

Butlers Farm also has a shop with some gorgeous things made from Alpaca wool, which is so soft.  I might have to treat myself to a pair of Alpaca wool gloves this winter!


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  1. What fun!! They look delightful!

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