Where I live – A mini tour of Barrington (Cambridgeshire)


Happy Belated New Blogging Year!  I hope 2014 turns out to be everything you hope it will be!  I thought I would start my blogging year off with a short post introducing you to where I live.

           view2   view   cricket   view3  trees

Barrington, thought to have the longest village green in England, lies around eight miles south-west of Cambridge.  It’s a very quiet, picturesque village with some interesting history and curiosities.

So, please join me on a short tour of the village.  Hope you enjoy!

Red Telephone boxes

telephone box                                                                           telephonebox

So, what do you with a redundant red telephone box these days? Barrington has two of these, both have been given a creative makeover inside.

Picture one, located by the village hall, is now a library! Books can be added or borrowed at any time. The second telephone box, close to the play area, is used by Barrington Primary School as an exhibition booth.  The theme of the exhibition changes frequently reflecting what the pupils have been working on.  Currently it contains a flashing Christmas tree, I can’t wait to see what appears when the new term starts!

Do you have a redundant telephone box, or something similar, where you live which is now being used creatively? I would love to hear about it 🙂

Royal Oak Pub

pub 3  pub pub2

The Royal Oak dates back to the 16th century and is Barrington’s only remaining pub (there used to be at least four others, way before my time though!) The pub has changed management many times, but continues to remain popular with villagers and visitors alike.  The food is lovely and their take away fish and chips is very tasty!

It is also a fantastic place to sit outside in the summer and relax and has a very ‘English’ feel to it, especially when there is a cricket match nearby. Once a month the pub hosts a local vintage car club, vintage cars and a few motorbikes take over the green opposite the pub, a fascinating sight.


fossils1 fossils2

These amazing fossils, and many others, have been excavated from a disused quarry at the edge of the village.  One of the most important finds was an Ichthyosaur fossil, a shark like ocean creature that would have lived alongside dinosaurs.  It is strange to think that this whole area was under water in the prehistoric era.

Last May I attended the annual archive open day in the village, the 2013 open day was fossil themed, including an exhibition of fossil work from the pupils at Barrington Primary School.  You can read more about the open day in an article I wrote for Local Secrets.

Barrington Primary School

The Primary School, opened in 1838, recently had part of its building re-thatched.  It is one of the last remaining schools in the UK with thatching.  A national newspaper picked up the story, you can read more about in this article. I was brought up here, so this used to be my local primary school, it has changed a lot since I was there, far too many years ago!

Barrington Church

I like churches when they are empty, they are fascinating to look round both inside and out.  This is my village church, you can read more about it here.


There is obviously a lot more to Barrington than I have included here, hope you have enjoyed the mini tour though.  I have moved away and moved back quite a few times and it always seems too quiet and not much happens, but at the same time I quite like it!


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