About this blog


Welcome to my blog.

I am a naturally inquisitive person and love to find out the background and history of things that spark some inspiration in me.  Sudden Flashes of Inspiration is about those things.

It could be something creative/unusual/quirky, somewhere in my local city of Cambridge that I think everyone should know about, an interesting place I have been that I want to tell you about, customs or traditions which fascinate me or a notable anniversary I have found out about.  If possible I will add my personal experience to whatever I am writing about.

I hope that my posts inspire you, intrigue you and  leave you waiting for my next flash of inspiration.

Thank you for stopping by.  Comments very welcome 🙂

I also have a website which you can find at http://www.mariahopwoodfreelancewriting.co.uk/


Below is a favourite picture of mine, which I took whilst on a chauffered punt trip down the River Cam in September 2010.

A view from my punt


18 Responses to About this blog

  1. writedale says:

    Enjoy your post. Cambridge is a gorgeous campus. Excited about possibly seeing more!

  2. mariawrit3r says:

    Thanks 🙂 I was born here and lived around the area most of my life. As I get older have begun to realise what a fab place Cambridge is.

  3. I’ve finally found someone who likes postcards too! I collect them wherever I can: museum shops, art galleries, cafes, bars, everywhere. Enjoying your blog, too.

  4. Hello Maria!

    Thanks very much for liking my 11/11/11 post!
    If you like postcards (and poetry), you might look into the literary journal FIELD, published here in the States by Oberlin College Press. Each issue’s cover art is a reproduction of an intriguing postcard.
    Here’s the URL for the OC Press site:

    Nice to e-meet you!

    Marci Rich, aka
    The Midlife Second Wife

  5. mariawriter says:

    Hi Marci
    Thank you for the link, very interesting!
    Nice to e-meet you too 🙂

  6. Hi Maria,
    Cambridge is such a lovely city, as long as you leave your car somewhere else! Thanks so much for following my blog, hope you’ll come by again :-

  7. shobavish says:

    Maria, thanks for stopping by today and helping me find you – I am really enjoying the posts and the photos…..will wait for further flashes of inspiration from you!

  8. Hi Maria,

    Thanks very much for signing up to follow my blog last November, and please forgive the lateness of this acknowledgment. I appreciate your readership and support!

    Best Wishes for a Happy New Year,

  9. Hi Maria,

    I’m nominating you for a “Versatile Blogger Award.” You can find out more about it here:


    Just to be clear, there are some responsibilities that accompany this award, and they can be found under the VBA Rules tab.

    it’s My announcement will be going up today on my own site, so you can see your name in pixels soon!

    To paraphrase Steve Jobs: Stay curious, stay hungry!

  10. Hi Maria,

    Here’s a direct link to the post, which went up today:




  11. intergenerational says:

    Thanks for following my blog-I’ve just found out Sudden Flashes of Inspiration is an INSPIRATIONAL BLOG
    wish you a nice evening

  12. mariawriter says:

    Thanks for your comment, glad you like it 🙂

  13. You are hereby nominated to receive The Versatile Blogger award! Please go to http://talesandtravelsofthetinman.wordpress.com/2012/04/13/the-versatile-blogger-award/ to see the official posting of your nomination. Please enjoy the award, it is well deserved. Much Love, The Tin Man

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