Random facts about me

Random facts about me (ongoing)
1.   Books are my favourite thing (I usually have about three books on the go at once)
2.   Maths is my worst subject, I am hopeless at it  (just the word makes me squirm)
3.   I love words and writing.  My goal is to become a full time freelance writer.
4.   My name is Maria and I am scrabble-a-holic
5.   I have lost two stone since August 2010
6.   I don’t eat chocolate (I don’t like the smell of it very much either)
7.   Japanese is my favourite food
8.   My favourite tv show when I was a kid was CHiPS
9.   Brighton is my favourite place to go for a weekend, I want to live there
10. I once tandem skydived from 10,000.  Freefalling is my best and most memorable experience ever!
11.  Hot air ballooning over Cambridge is second on my list of most memorable experiences.
12   I once won a welly wanging competition
13.  My favourite words include Archipelago and Discombobulate

12 Responses to Random facts about me

  1. Jerry says:

    I haven’t met many people who said they don’t like chocolate; how sad that is to me. Don’t like the smell either? Naturally, you probably wouldn’t. Do you like sweets or just a dislike for chocolate.

    I wish that I didn’t admire chocolate so much. Although I’m not a big “sweets” person, it’s probably my most well liked sweet.

  2. mariawrit3r says:

    sorry, only just seen your message…oh I love sweets (unfortunately!) and I would eat chocolate but I try to avoid anything with caffeine in it as I don’t think it lkes me very much, hehe. I haven’t eaten chocolate for about 5 years and, sadly, it’s made me not even like the smell of it now either!

    • writedale says:

      Five years without chocolate? I can do w/o most sweets except chocolate; wish that weren’t true….You must like to bake? I’m more of main course guy and could live without most sweets. My favorite snack is peanut butter. Have you seen the movie “Meet Joe Black” with Brad Pitt? I like PB as well as Joe Black (Brad Pitt).

  3. writedale says:

    Well then ick! What are some of your fav foods? Randomly communicating back and fourth via reply may not proper blog etiquette. Oh well…

    If I seem like I’m seeping with desparation for communication, it’s not totally true. Nobody reads my post….I did talk to one person who said it takes a while to get established. On the other hand, I could put out more effort to “write.”

    Mostly I like poetry, art and quotes. Don’t know much about art–but I love color and expression. I wrote a poem on paper today, and I will post it soon.

    Oh, it’s pretty cool chit/chatting with someone in Cambridge. Happy blogging!!

  4. forestfae says:

    Congratulations on losing the two stone, I know how hard it is.
    Thank you for subscribing to my blog, I do like yours as well and will be back for more visits 🙂

    My daffs are also just starting to bloom in the garden, love their sunny happy faces.

  5. Ha, I am terrible at math, too!! I had to take a graduate degree exam to apply to graduate programs in the States, and I did exceedingly well on the verbal and–get this—less than 50% on the math section. (Wow, Colleen.) And I’m a voracious reader, too! Were you a reader when you were young? I remember skimming 6 books a week when I was young..I was so excited to read the books, I barely got to reading them!

    • mariawriter says:

      Hey 🙂

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, I did read a lot when I was younger. I have always owned far too many books, hehe. Although I probably read more than I did then.

      Nice to ‘meet’ someone else who is terrible at maths 🙂

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  7. Jimmy says:

    I loved CHiPs growing up. When the theme song would come on, I’d run around the house and pretend I was riding a motorcycle. My uncle was a California Highway Patrolman, but looked nothing like neither Ponch nor John.

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